Hand Fed Platen Health and Safety

Keep Your Operators and Hand Fed Platen Die Cutting Machines Safe


The safety of hand fed platen die cutting machines are governed by HSE regulations. Hand fed platens are high risk machines and fatalities have occurred in the past. What you need to do will largely be governed by the size of the machine, and if whole body access is possible.

If access to your machine is less than 1m wide, there is no foreseeable risk of whole body access. However there will still be the risk of hand/arm injuries and existing guarding standards will still be needed.

Where whole body access is more than 1.4m wide, you will need to follow the guidance in full. Where access is between 1m and 1.4m wide, you will need to assess whether whole body access is reasonably foreseeable, which is when HSE guidance will apply in full (click on PDF below for further details)


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All operators need to have the requisite knowledge and training. Training should cover machinery operation, complete daily checks and the correct use of controls. Retraining and refresher courses should be run especially if systems change.

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Daily Checks and Inspections

It is strongly advised for companies to set up a system of daily checks to ensure all safety mechanisms are working correctly. Safety critical parts on a hand fed platen should be periodically inspected by a qualified, knowledgeable and skilled individual. For machines with ESPE parts that should be every 6 months. Machines with a different kind of safety device should be inspected every 12 months.

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Need to service or repair your hand fed platen?


For a detailed breakdown of the safety regulations governing hand fed platen die cutting machines, please download this PDF. Alternatively, contact us at HS Services for further information about maintaining and repairing your hand fed platens.


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