Additional Hand Fed Platen Services

Transportation, Training and Safety Enhancements

What We Do

We offer a range of additional services to help you manage and operate your hand fed platen die cutting machines effectively. With over 25 years experience working with hand fed platen die cutting machines, we provide a prompt, efficient and affordable service.

We have the ability to work with all brands including Cauhe, Rabolini and Titan. Contact us today at HS Services if you require transportation, training or repairs to your hand fed platen die cutting machines.


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Machine Moves

Moving your hand fed platen is no easy task, so why not leave everything in our capable hands. We have the equipment, tools and knowledge to move your equipment however large or heavy it is. Whether you need machinery moved to another part of your factory or another part of the country, you can rely on us.

Contact us at HS Services if you need to move your hand fed platen. We will be able to provide you with a detailed quote with a breakdown of all the costs and the estimated time it will take to complete the job. We will have your machinery moved in no time at all.

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Operator Training

It is essential that your die cutting machine operators have the right training. This will ensure that your business is safe, but that it is also productive and efficient. Here at HS Services we offer comprehensive training to give your employees everything they need to operate effectively.

Hand fed platen operator training is provided on site at your location. We can travel to any location in the UK to provide training. Training takes approximately 3 hours and is suitable for all machinery brands including Rabolini, Titan and Viking. Contact us today at HS Services if you need training or repairs to your hand fed platen die cutting machines.

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Safe Edge

We fit the latest systems of Safe edge that will improve and enhance the safety of your hand fed platens. They replace the older vacuum type system.

Safe edge systems can be tailored to suit any kind of hand fed platen or die cutting machine. If the electrics on your machinery needs to be upgraded, we can also complete this service for you. We will leave you with the most up to date and safest machines that will improve your operations. Contact us today at HS Services if you require safety enhancements or repairs to your hand fed platen die cutting machines.

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Side Guards

At HS Services we can also fit all variety of side guards, overhead guards and safety mats. This equipment will restrict access to the side of the machines, which will stop your operators being at risk and will significantly reduce the risk of injury or death.

We can tailor guards to any brand of machinery and these will be installed in line with HSE regulations.

Side guards can be fixed to the floor or interlocked to the safety guard circuit, cutting power to the machinery if they are moved. The latter will provide you with better access to the pressure adjustment on your machinery.

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Need to service or repair your hand fed platen?


If you’re unsure what is right for your machinery, our team will be happy to help. If you would like to arrange a quote for moving, maintaining and repairing your hand fed platens, please contact us at HS Services.


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